Fogscreen New Zealand. Amazing walk through projection screen.

The World's First Walk Through Projection Screen

FogScreen is a completely revolutionary innovation that produces a thin curtain of dry fog that effectively creates a translucent projection screen to capture any projected image.


The patented technology changed projection technology forever – no more fixed screens. Our (literally) breakthrough product, the FogScreen® projection screen, produces a thin curtain of “dry” fog that serves as a translucent projection screen, displaying images that float in the air. The result: stunning, attention-demanding displays that can be walked through! They can also be made interactive, which intrigues the audience even more. The FogScreens® have unlimited application possibilities!

Local and international

Our screen has been almost everywhere: hundreds of FogScreens® have been sold to over 50 countries and our clients vary from private persons to multinational entertainment corporations. We’ve worked with the world’s most well-known brands and executed countless high-class installations and events. See our references

Rent or Purchase

FogScreen New Zealand can supply any or all of the following to provide a complete solution for your FogScreen hire requirements; The FogScreen, Projectors , Laptop/DVD Player, Trussing & installation. Alternatively, contact our team to discuss your purchase requirements.

Our Work

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Fogscreen gives any event the WOW factor

Entertainment, Pro AV and Retail & Digital Signage.

Memorable Events

The Fogscreen provides an amazing entrance to an event, or a portal for models to appear. Advertisments can float in mid air at shopping malls and children of all ages, love them.We at Fogscreen New Zealand want to help you create truly magical experiences that mesmerize and amaze people. Whether the venue is a nightclub, museum, science center, theme park, shopping mall or if you’re organizing a special event, we’re sure that we can help create a captivating and effective solution with the FogScreen®. In this section you will find information on the various applications of the FogScreen® within three segments: Entertainment, Pro AV and Retail & Digital Signage. Go ahead and familiarize yourself with the endless application possibilities of the FogScreen® and also check out the references section for case examples of installations and applications and our product section for more detailed technical information.

About Company

Fogscreen New Zealand has done numerous events throughout New Zealand, from Auckland all the way down to Queenstown, and many places inbetween.

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